Drensteinfurt has been home to the Newzella family's noble ancestors for over 250 years. The family has lived in Steinfurt Castle, one of Drensteinfurt's landmarks, for generations. For this reason, Dr Michael Newzella, the founder of Dr Newzella Consulting, naturally chose this beautiful region in Westphalia for setting up his company. Another reason for starting up in Drensteinfurt was that the majority of the employees within the German pharmaceutical market live in the German state of North Rhine Westphalia. Germany also has the third largest national pharmaceutical market following North America and Japan.

As a result of the complexity of the national health markets as well as the increasing intensity of the competition due to the globalisation of the pharmaceutical industry, it is becoming more and more important for each company to build up and secure its competitive advantages. We support our clients along the path to achieving this goal, helping them - as external consultants - to become more successful on the market by being more effective and efficient. Since its foundation in 1980, Dr Newzella Consulting has kept true to its concept of working the market in a differentiated manner and has concentrated on the business areas listed above.

Our main activities are carried out on the life science and health care markets and we offer our services on the second and third largest pharmaceutical markets in the world - namely in Europe, Japan, India and China.

The business area which we have offered for the longest period of time is that of executive search and it is this division which is our source of information for all of the other fields of business. Within the framework of our personnel consultancy work we fill vacancies covering all positions from that of medical sales representative to board chairman. Except for the fieldwork positions, which for some projects has meant us building up a completely new fieldwork section, we follow the principle of directly approaching the people on the market.

We work very closely together with our clients to solve their projects. This is achieved with the help of the experience gained from previous projects carried out by our company on the pharmaceutical market which in turn have been successful thanks to the many years of experience of each of our consultants and our employees. And we always work true to our motto and philosophy: Competence is our Concept!