Salary Studies

New ‘Pharmaceutical Salary Study 2011’ - a must for every decision-maker

The lack of transparency concerning the levels of salary normally paid is often a critical factor that leads to unnecessary personnel processes being initiated or to negotiations breaking down because of the differing salary expectations of those involved.



Based on our 30 years’ market experience, we have drawn up our new Salary Study – Specialists and Managers in the Pharmaceutical Industry which takes over 2,000 salaries paid in the German pharmaceutical market into account. It has been developed to be used as an instrument for decision-makers to help them in their day-to-day work and looks at the specific characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry (e.g. RX / OTC / GX). It gives you a very precise overview of the salary structure within the industry and takes different influencing variables into account, both those dependent on the applicant and those dependent on the company.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Mr Jens Kahmann.

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