Buying & selling products

Many companies have products in their portfolios which, for strategic reasons, are not able to be promoted as well as they could be even though the sales potential has not yet been exhausted. A change of ownership is often the best solution for both parties.

Dr. N helps you to search for, purchase and/or sell established products and product groups and provides you with advice throughout the whole of the transaction process.

Co-promotion and Co-Marketing

Cooperation work can be advantageous if a company has production capacity problems or wishes to launch a new product in order to make the most of a product's sales and profit potential.

Dr. N helps you to find cooperation partners and accompanies you through the whole of the negotiation process to the conclusion of an agreement.

In- and out Licensing

A targeted licensing strategy is an essential instrument for both large international companies and medium-sized national firms to ensure that the most is made of a product's potential both on the domestic market and abroad.

Dr. N helps you to find a suitable licence partner and, if requested, accompanies you through the negotiations and beyond once an agreement has been signed.

Registrations, Dossiers and Brands

Market-oriented businesses are always on the look-out for new registrations, dossiers and trademarks to optimize their portfolios or to enter new market segments.

Dr. N helps you to buy and/or sell registrations, dossiers and brands.


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