Introduction to the European health care market

As a result of our more than 14 years long-standing work with companies from the Japanese pharmaceutical industry, we have put together a training programme containing various courses which have been held at our company since 2001. The aim is for the participants - having completed the course - to be able to act as competent and respected representatives for their companies on the European market.

I. "European Health Care Systems and Clinical Developments"

This comprehensive 3-week workshop offers an introduction to the European pharmaceutical market and covers the following subjects:

  • European Union and the health care systems of the different member states
  • clinical research, monitoring
  • regulatory affairs
  • GMP Guidelines

An optional English course is held after class twice a week. At weekends we will visiting European institutions and various companies.

II. On-site seminars

We offer on-site training courses lasting between one and five days in Japan at the client's offices on the following subjects:

  • cGMP and Pre-Approval-Inspections
  • clinical research, monitoring
  • marketing
  • DMF
  • CMC
  • CTD & E-CTD

We are, of course, also very happy to organize courses on other subjects if this is required. For further information in Germany please contact the head of this business unit, Dr Christoph Newzella, or the project manager, Mrs Katrin Brandhove. Dr. Masafumi Yoshimoto, our representative in Tokyo, is available to help you in Japan.